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About Us-

ADPRESSADPRESS INTERNATIONAL has grown into one of the leading distributors of Mobile phones, IT equipment & Gaming devices in the MENA region. The company has been able to achieve this, primarily by building a solid and trusting relationship with our valued customers.

We have set our goal on improving the quality of sales and after -sales services, so that our customers can enjoy mobile phones for years to come. Today,

ADPRESS INTERNATIONAL sees mobility surpassing voice communications and expanding into new areas such as imaging, games, entertainment, media and enterprises.

The ADPRESS INTERNATIONAL team provides an unbeatable total package of products, service, and support. Quality improvement is a continuous process and we believe its much more than something we can quantify in words of pictures. It is an attitude –a mindset. Quite simply, it is a source of inspiration, energy, and excitement. As we move further into the mobile world.

ADPRESS INTERNATIONAL remains committed to strong growth, profitability, and committed after sales service.